Successful designs come form listening to our clients. We begin each project by meeting with you at your home to walk through the property taking note of the existing landscape and any potential challenges that may need to be addressed.

We will ask for your input on how you plan to use your yard. Do you need privacy screening, play space for children or room for entertaining? From the site analysis and client consultation we will begin developing a design taking into account sun/shade exposures, texture, foliage and flower colors of plants chosen, balance and proportion to your home and functional use of space.

Focal points can be added in your yard with beautiful containers planted with an assortment of small trees (Japanese Maples or Evergreens), perennials (Grasses for movement or Heuchera/Flax for foliage color & texture) and Annual Flowers to complement.

An elegant landscape need not be expensive, just properly planned!

If your budget is tight, Cottage Lake Nursery can provide trees, shrubs, groundcover, perennials and annual color at near wholesale prices for the do-it-yourselfer!


A well-conceived landscape design, properly installed adds value to your property and enhances the quality of your life!

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